love, beauty, and Memory

Why I am a wedding photographer

I love heirlooms, I always have. Beautiful, cherished keepsakes that invoke a sense of history, love, and beauty.  I have an old steamer trunk in my office in which I keep all my heirlooms and personal artifacts - the first letters Fabian ever wrote me, cards from my brother when I was away at college, little mementos from travels (my favorite is a little porcelain statue I bought in France while studying abroad), my childhood stuffed animals and, of course, my most beloved photographs.  Photographs from when I married Fabian on his family farm, that take me back to the excitement, the kiss, the misty air after the rain. Portraits from our travels overseas, taken with sweet photographer friends in our first big adventure together as a couple - that conjure up the feeling of exploring new cities, enjoying little cafes, and looking at one another across a delicious meal, talking about anything and everything. The first pictures of us in high school (we look like such kids!), and at college graduation. Photographs of our dogs and all the dogs we've fostered (I can feel their wet noses on my cheek, and see them playing in our yard). Portraits of our parents, our siblings, all warm cheeked and happy at various family celebrations.

Photography is preservation, the beautiful frames holding memory and emotion for you to keep close and enjoy throughout the rest of your life. So that even on the rainy days you can have sun - so that when a loved one is gone, you can revisit the details of their face and remember their laugh - so that even on the days that you've argued, or marriage feels tough - you can be reminded of what you love about each other and yourselves, and see all the joy that is there to run back to.  It's an emotional connection to moments past, and to every self you've been. It's emotional transportation, and warm remembrance.  I believe this is what I hold most dear about photography, and the depth of what I love about creating collections of photographs and heirlooms for my couples and individuals I work with.  I always feel like the most appropriate thing to say when I send a gallery or deliver a keepsake box, all wrapped with ribbon and love : "Here, I wanted you to have this."  I want you to have lovely photographs and heirlooms that create this emotional warmth for you and your loved ones, and it means the world to me to be able to devote my life to this.

Most days you can find me working out of my home studio with a dog or two curled up near my feet - editing photos, curating galleries, designing albums, and putting together keepsake boxes.  I love books, movies old and new, oolong tea, cooking way too much food and having friends over to enjoy it, thick blankets, rainy days, the feeling of sunshine on my skin, laughing until my sides hurt, walking arm in arm with my sweet husband Fabian, playing with our three dogs, and long conversations with the people I love.  I love traveling, and the feeling of wandering in a new city looking for little moments to photograph.  I love flowers, beauty, and simplicity.  The smell of vanilla and fig, and frequently rearranging all the rooms in our house.  

I love gift giving and celebrating and dessert. I recently baked a chocolate cake to celebrate being in an amazing mood!  

Let's get to know one another

My loves

Photo by Michelle Lange Photography

My husband, Fabian - my high school sweetheart, and the love of my life. We met when I transferred into his high school in junior year, and have been inseparable ever since. Our first date was to the homecoming dance, and exactly six years later - we married on his family farm in the rolling hills of Virginia.  One of my dearest friends shared the poem below in a letter to us on our wedding day, and it's stuck with me ever since. I am beyond lucky to have this wonderful man as my best friend and partner in everything. We laugh, travel, rock climb, play with our dogs, try new recipes, DIY, and dream together. He's my favorite person, and the wind beneath my wings. Plus, his handsome eyes crinkle up at the corners when he smiles and it melts my heart every time.

Photo by Michelle Mock Photography

“And still, after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe Me."

Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky.”

- Hafiz


Our Dogs

Our rescue dogs - Raj, Rift, and Shadow.  We found Raj, a fluffy black and caramel colored mutt a few months before we got married. He's an obstinate, hard cuddling, obstinate little sweetheart who likes to pretend he doesn't need anyone but then mushes into your side when you're on the couch. Rift is a sweet little thing who just likes to cuddle and sleep - we joke she was a squirrel in a past life. Shadow is the puppiest puppy, full of boundless energy and a deep love of cuddles. You'll find the two little ones playing in the yard while Raj naps in a sunbeam.