How do we choose a wedding photographer?
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What packages and pricing do you offer?

What if our wedding is multiple days/only a few hours/has a unique timeline? Do you make custom packages?

Do you work with a second photographer?

Do you work with LGBTQ couples?

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Do we need to put together a photo list?

Do you recommend working with a planner/coordinator?

Someone wise once said that you leave your wedding with three things: your love, your rings, and your photographs. Choosing your wedding photographer is such a beautiful, personal decision - and one that I believe can be guided by two essential questions:

- How do you want your photographs to feel, emotionally and aesthetically?
- Who would you most enjoy the experience of creating these photographs with? 

Every photographer has a different approach to light, tone, composition and emotion! Your photographs, and how they make you feel, are such an important part of your story together, and will define your memories for years and years to come. Look for images that resonate with the world you wish to live in - that speak to romance, sweetness, humor, love, and togetherness in all the ways that speak to your heart. Your photographs are doorways into your own past, touchstones that bring to life your fondest memories, and you will be the happiest if the reality they depict is the reality you experienced - one of love and beauty in all the ways that feel true in your soul.  

Important too is your connection to your photographer!  Besides your sweetheart - and maybe your parents - we often have the honor of spending the most time with you on your wedding day!  Look for someone whose energy you enjoy, whose personality and spirit you are excited to experience during your celebration. 

My style is one of romantic authenticity with a fine art touch, film-inspired color palettes, timelessness with room for spontaneity and joy, and a warm personal friendship to guide you through the whole experience.  Equal parts beautiful portraits, thoughtfully composed details, delighted laughter, bringing treats to get your dog to look at the camera, and tearing up watching your parents wipe away tears.  So look into your hearts, look through the images and galleries here, and let's get together and talk about your wedding and story. I am honored that you're reading this, and so delighted when the answers to the above questions bring us together!    

I offer a variety of beautiful wedding packages to suit your unique day and vision! Pricing starts at $3500, and most couples invest $4500-$5000.
Reach out anytime for all the details - and know that if you don't see the perfect package for you I would be delighted to put together a custom package for the perfect photography experience for you and your families.

It is so important to me that you have the perfect photography experience, that honors your love, history, and traditions in every way! I am always so happy to put together custom packages. Let's hop on the phone and talk about your vision! 

For 90% of weddings, I do recommend having a second photographer - which is why it one is included in almost all of my packages! A second photographer is a wonderful way to ensure all angles and moments are captured - so that even if you are getting ready in separate locations, or doing portraits away from your guests during the evening, no important elements of your day go unpreserved. I do offer the option to book me without a second photographer in order to make my pricing as inclusive as possible! Depending on the length, location, and specifics of your day, it's possible you are just fine with one photographer. I'm always chat and help you make the best decision for your wedding!   

A million times yes! Know that you will find only warmth, kindness, and love here. My heart is full of so much happiness for all the couples I am honored to serve, and I would be delighted to celebrate more LGBTQ couples through wedding photography. 

I love to photograph weddings in new and beautiful places, and will follow you anywhere for your wedding!  I have photographed weddings as close as 3 miles from my home, and as far as California, Italy, Canada, and France. Weddings I can reasonably get to and back without an overnight stay I charge no travel fee for, and I am happy to put together a custom travel quote for every wedding's unique needs if overnights or flights are required.  

The perfect timeline takes into account each element of your wedding day from getting ready to ceremony to the end of the night, factoring in the time of year, time for couple's and family portraits, and the lighting at your chosen venue. I'm here to help you put together the perfect day, and work with you and your planner (when applicable) to ensure the best timeline for your celebration.

The only photo list we need to work on together is your family formal list, that is, which groupings of family you want portraits of at your wedding. I also always ensure we talk about any little details that are extra special to you! Will a long lost family member be at your reception, and you want to make sure we get a photo of you together? Did you bring any family heirlooms with you you'd like included in your detail photos? Did your parents get married at the same venue, and you'd like to get a photo in one of the same spots they did? I'd love to know all these details and document these moments. 

Always! A wonderful planner ensures your wedding is designed beautifully, runs beautifully, and is a space where you and your family can truly relax and enjoy without having to stress about the details. This day comes only once, and it is so valuable to be able to fully engage in the joy and romance and togetherness! Every moment, from staying on track when you're getting ready, to making sure your family is all together for portraits, to ensuring each event happens as outlined in your timeline, all of these are made relaxing and easy with a great planner!

I do! I am honored to provide a list of some of the amazing folks I've worked with the closest. Reach out anytime and I'd be delighted to share it with you!

Do you have a recommended vendor list?

what if i have another question?

Reach out anytime!  I would love to answer all your questions, large and small!  Use the 'Inquire' button below to get in touch!