When I first started booking couples for their wedding photography, I barely had a website. I scheduled a coffee date with every couple who reached out and used our time chatting over drinks to tell them all about my process, my style, and what it would be like to work together.  I still love a coffee date (or cocktails if that is more your speed!) but I wanted to be able to share a look at the MVF Photography Experience with you lovely online folks as well - let's definitely still get together and chat because I want to hear all about your story, and what you're most excited about for your wedding!

I believe in beautiful photography, simplicity and warmth of experience, and timeless, lovingly designed heirlooms. Every wedding day includes a full day of photography, and after hand editing your photographs - I personally curate and style a beautiful linen box with the best few hundred images from your day - all wrapped up in silk ribbon for you to enjoy! From start to finish, I seek to be a warm, loving presence - both photographer and confidante (with a little bit of planner thrown in there!) so you have the most relaxing, fun, and creative experience possible!

the wedding experience

let's connect

Message me on Instagram, call me on the phone, pen me an email, or set up a coffee date!  However you like to connect, I would love to learn more about you, your photography dreams, and your story with your sweetheart. How did you meet?  When did you first know you were in love?  What's your favorite weekend hang out together?  If you have dogs I'd love to see their photos, and I'm definitely going to ask if you have a favorite movie or show on Netflix these days!  

I'd also love to answer all your questions about wedding photography, engagement sessions, my style, my approach to a wedding day, and all those details that can help you make sure we're a beautiful fit. 

Save your Date

You're excited about working together and it's time to reserve your date!  I am so thrilled to be working with you - it is going to be beautiful!  I'll send you a custom online booking contract where you can sign and pay your retainer, and you are official!  

Now we get to plan your engagement session, talk timelines, photo lists, and all those fun details!  

engagement session

Engagement sessions are my favorite prelude to a wedding day - they give you so much time to get comfortable with one another in front of the camera, to get to know me as your photographer, and to create a collection of gorgeous images of you two at your most free, fun, comfortable, and elegant.  I am there to help guide you through beautiful backdrops and looks together (don't worry - I'll make sure you know what to do with your hands!) and help even the most nervous or hesitant partner have an amazing time.  My engagement sessions last anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours - I really don't time it!  So long as we're getting beautiful images and everyone is having a marvelous time, I'm there.  We can choose a few gorgeous locations, and if you'd like an outfit change  - I always recommend it!  I send a sneak peek within 24 hours, and the full gallery within 3-4 weeks (and faster whenever I can!)

timelines + planning

One of the reasons I simplified my wedding packages to one full day collection was so that my couples would feel relaxed and happy, knowing that whatever wonderful events and moments they created on their wedding day - they would be photographed.  I wouldn't want you to have to worry about your timeline many months, and sometimes years, in advance! Whatever your day will hold, I'll be there for you.

A well designed timeline will, however, ensure your day runs smoothly and you have all the fun in the world, while capturing all those photographs you love. I work closely with you and your planner (if you have one, and I always recommend!) to help you design the best timeline for your day - paying close attention to your ceremony time, the changing sunlight during the day, and best timing for bridal party and family formals if applicable. 

your wedding day!

The day is here!  Rest easy and soak up all the beauty and joy, knowing it will be photographed beautifully.  I'm there as a photographer, and a friend, so if you need a handkerchief, a few extra bobby pins, or some help with that wayward boutonniere, I'm there!  I'll arrive as things are getting started, to photograph the lovely 'getting ready' moments of the day alongside all the delightful details, capture the sweetness of the ceremony, create beautiful portraits of you, your love, and your families (I can quietly shepherd even the largest of crowds into those group photos!), and document all the wonderful festivities as you and your loved ones celebrate the night away.  

your photographs

Time to create your collection of memories!  I hand edit the best photographs from your wedding, typically 800-1000 photos depending on the length and style of your wedding, and deliver them to you in your personal online gallery.  All your photographs are yours to keep and download as many times as you wish, and share with friends and family -  and while I do offer an artisan print and keepsake shop, you can print your photos absolutely anywhere you wish!  

And while photos are beautiful wherever they reside - be that in a shoe box under your bed, or even the bright screens of your phone or computer - the timeless beauty of an artful, physical heirloom is so special. That feeling of holding an old manuscript, or brushing the dust away from a family keepsake, of gazing on an old painting...it's pure magic. Which brings me to.....your keepsake box!

Heirloom keepsake box

Your wedding photographs are one of your first heirlooms together - beautiful images I hope you will treasure during the years ahead, and perhaps someday pore over with curious, happy children or grandchildren (or dogs!). I believe this first shared keepsake should be beautiful, and worthy of the deeply lovely day and love it represents. To that end, I put together a keepsake box full of your best photos (about 200 of them!) for every wedding I shoot - yours to keep, to hold, and, I hope - to treasure. This beautiful keepsake box is sure to warm your heart in the years ahead.  

You're family!  It's a joy and an honor to be invited to get to know you and celebrate you through photography.  I would love to stay friends, stay in touch, and have you over for game night, movie night, or dinner (I make a delicious apple tarte!).  I will rewatch any Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movie at the drop of a hat, and if you have dogs - maybe they would have fun chasing around our yard with Rift!  If you're from out of town - but visiting Raleigh - and want recommendations of what to see and do, there are so many incredible restaurants, shops, theaters, parks, and attractions here I'd love to guide you to.  If you want to surprise your mom with a cute wedding photo gift, but have no idea where to start - I can help!  

All that to say - behind everything I do, and everything I feel passionate about in this business, are love and community - and I can't wait to follow along with your beautiful story, and help make it a little more beautiful in any way I can.  

the #mvfcouple community

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