Welcome! My name is Mina, and I would love to create a beautiful collection of photographs for you. 

You already envision the warmth, the togetherness, the happy tears and the whirlwind of joy that will be your wedding. You dream of photographs that sing with the depth of emotion of your celebration each time you return to them - that celebrate beauty, yes, but even more than that - joy. Photographs that make you happy-sigh at their loveliness, AND at the memory of the great time you had creating them. I think you're in the right place, and I'm so glad you're here.


I believe you shouldn't have to choose between the elegance and refinement of fine art photography and a free-flowing, joyful, effortless wedding day that is as wonderful to experience as it is visually stunning.

Beautiful wedding photographs begin with beautiful memories, and it is my greatest joy to bring an atmosphere of care, warmth, and artful attention to detail to your day while crafting a collection of photographs of you and your loved ones that is as refined as it is authentic. 

It's luxury with a deeply human touch. Fine art with flow.

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The Experience









Mina is a fine art wedding photographer serving North Carolina, Virginia, and destination weddings. 

Most days you can find her working out of her home studio with a dog or two curled up near her feet - editing photos, curating galleries, and designing albums. If she isn't there, look for her outside on her porch with a book or hiking in the mountains.

the photographer

The Photographer

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10 hours of wedding photography

Two photographers

Engagement Session


8 hours of wedding photography

Two photographers


12 hours of wedding photography

Two photographers

Engagement Session

Fine Art Wedding Album


All Collections Include Online Gallery with Download & Print Release

Additional coverage, products, and albums available A la Carte

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Reach out for a custom designed collection for your specific celebration.

Do you shoot film or digital?

Both! I shoot both film and digital - also known as hybrid photography, and I think it makes for the best of both worlds.

I love the luminance and natural skin tones captured by film, especially when complemented by the versatility and spontaneity of digital. Digital also knocks it out of the park for those low-light end of the night images, so when you and your guests are dancing your hearts out the photos are on point.

Do you help us with our timeline?

Always. I often say wedding photographers are 10% percent planner - helping you design the best timing for your day makes for your best experience AND your best photographs. From deciding whether you want to do a first look, to when to do family portraits and how much time to allot, to making sure we have enough space for couple's portraits - I am here to help.

I and/or my partner feel like I don't photograph well and it makes me nervous. Will our photos still be beautiful?

Absolutely. It's one of my greatest joys to help couples and individuals who feel nervous in front of the camera feel amazing, confident, and have a wonderful time every minute we're together! Not only will your photos be beautiful, but your experience of creating them will be relaxing and fun.

How much coverage do we need?

It all depends on your timeline of course, but I would say most weddings fit best with ten or twelve hours of coverage. Almost all my couples choose 10 or 12 hours so that they know from getting ready to late night dancing and beautiful send-off, when photo moments are happening I will be there. 

How do I reserve my date?

A simple retainer and a signed contract reserves your date for you, and then it's time to plan, dream, and design.

We are still looking for a venue, planner, florist, hair and makeup artist, videographer or other; do you have any recommendations?

Yes indeed, and I am so glad you asked! I know so many talented, wonderful wedding vendors and would love to help connect you with the best people for your day. Let me know who you're still looking for and I'll send you my list of recommended vendors.

Do you always have a second photographer?

All my collections include a second photographer so not a moment is missed. Perhaps you're getting ready in multiple locations, have a cocktail hour and family portraits happening at the same time, or lots of guests - almost every wedding benefits from having two photographers. Custom collections can be designed with just one photographer for intimate weddings and elopements. 

"Working with Mina was one of the best decisions my wife and I have made as a couple...the results were stunning, and start to finish it was a wonderful experience.  Mina is an utter joy to work with, and always in the right place to capture those priceless moments at the wedding. Her presence alone is enough to put you at ease. She is a brilliant photographer, a calming presence for the couple, assertive when needed, and always a joy to work with."

Alex & Nina

"one of the best decisions my wife and I have made as a couple..."

Kind words

"Mina was absolutely fantastic; she was, without hesitation, the best vendor that we had for our wedding day and throughout our engagement process. Mina not only produced stunning pictures, but her service and responsiveness is a MILLION times above the industry average. She would check in with us throughout our engagement process to see how we were doing and to see if we had any questions, and she was a very valuable resource even when we needed advice on other aspects of the wedding. She knew exactly what we wanted with our wedding photos through truly getting to know us as a couple."

"without hesitation, the best vendor that we had for our wedding day"

Taylor & David

When I met Mina for the first time, I immediately knew she was the photographer for us. Her attention to detail and her kind, sweet and patient demeanor make her unlike any other person I've ever met - friend or colleague alike. Our wedding day was nothing short of eventful; it was long, and it was HOT - yet she was there, capturing every moment, for the entire day. And with a smile on her face, too! I've never heard so many compliments from my friends and family towards someone they don't even know! She is so personable that she really seems like she belongs anywhere she goes...when we first received the entirety of our wedding album, we were in absolute awe of her ability to portray emotions in a way that seems to reach through the picture and grab you, allowing you to feel the same emotions as were felt in that exact moment. She possesses a talent unlike anyone I've ever met and I am so, so grateful to have her work to cherish for a lifetime.

"i've never heard so many compliments from my friends and family..."

Hilary & Andrew